zondag 18 augustus 2013

Hi folks,

it is me again, the red boy Baloo.... I have to tell you I had a big week!
Last Monday Ron and I went to the vet, that was no big deal, just another vaccination, nice vet-lady though J

But the weekend very interesting. We got visitors for a barbecue.. Khan and his girls came, I met him before and was a bit frightened, he is veeery big. This time I was brave and said hallo to him.. he is a nice guy and maybe we will be friends one day when I am older.
There were more visitors a couple with their baby and another dog, which looked a bit like Mowgli. Mowgli told me this is Prinz, he litter brother  and they sometimes argue. But we all had a nice evening playing in the garden, I liked the little baby and kissed it . I dug a hole for me to ly in very compfy and I was very tired when everybody was gone home.l

The next morning Gabi took me to dog training in the forest,  I did not know that there are soo many different dogs , they were all nice and we were playing and had to do some training, which I thought I have done very well. I am not jumping up to people and I am good at the lead anyway, but I have made new friends with little Hugo and look forward to see him again next week.

Ron weighed me this morning …. 14.8 kilos!

Have to go back to sleep now, tired
Wuff wuff

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