dinsdag 24 september 2013

long time no see :-)

hi everybody,
its been a long time that i let you know about my life... that is because it is soooo busy.
during the weekends i attend puppy schools on saturday morning, which is nice. i have made some new friends, i especially like Malou, a Labradorgirl. and sometimes i am bored with the training, but it is ok. Last week was exchausting, i was taken to Gabis work together with Mowgli
as Ron went away. I didnt like the stairs, so Gabi had to carry me... hmm and then i was not allowed to play with Mowgli and i could not sleep as it was busy... so Gabi took us out for poo and weewee at lunchtime and i stayed in the car during the afternoon. i liked it.. it was cool and shady and i could have a nap.

on Saturday morning after puppy school, we went to see some friends who have to dogs and we played all day , i was sooo tired when we came back home, but it was fun... and on Sunday morning we had a nice walk with Mowglis friend Khan, he is my friend too now :-). both Mowgli and Khan ran after a rabbit into the maize field and did not come back... i was very upset.. and told Mowgli off, when they were back after a long time... but i was happy

i am bigger than Mowgli now and weigh 22.5 kos... yesterday morning i destroyed some clay pots.. that was fun.. but Mama Gabi told me off!!!

and i forgot, we had a great Shiloh walk, i met my siblings ... and aunties and uncles and cousins... i am really looking forward to seeing them all again...

wuff wuff

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