woensdag 4 februari 2015

Baloo update

 hi everybody, long time no see :-)

i have grown a lot now and enjoy life, i am a bit anxious sometimes, thats why i did not pass the temperament test last summer... i dont know what it is all about. i rather dash through the woods with Mowgli, this is more fun. I dont like horses at all, and plastic bags making noice in the wind.. Mowgli told me he was afraid of lots of things when he was young and it has changed a lot. Maybe it will change with me when i grow up.

I dont like visitors in our house, why do we need them? It is nicer when there is only my people and Mowgli and I. I love to lie outside in the garden in the evenings and look at the moon and feel the moist grass under me and like to play with my buddy Mowgli in the snow. Snow is great, so fluffy and cool, dont you think?

Anyway, here are some recent photos of myself

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