maandag 12 augustus 2013

here is Baloo, the cool red boy !

 my mummy has posted some photos of me and my big brother Mowgli last night. i like my new home! at first things were a bit strange, i did not know where i was and i was missing Shima and all the others and Mowgli always barked at me and patrolled me around the house. At night i have to sleep in a big cage, it is quite comfy, but i dont really like it, i reather roam around the house :-), so i always cry a bit, but i know now they dont let me out for now.

During the day Ron takes Mowgli and me to his work and we stay in a biiiiiiig compound where we can sleep and rest, at lunch time he visits us and brings me some food and some leckerlis for Mowgli.
There is a photo of this compound as well, Mowgli says it is quite cool even when temperatures are over 30 degrees, as they were some days ago.

Mowgli and i are big friends now, i like my big brother , i bite his fur, so he starts playing and wrestling with me, i love it. Last Sunday, we went to the woods, i was off the lead, so i had a sniff around and we also had a drink in a little river, it was great.

In the morning i am up quite early and start making noice, so everybody knows i am up, i think when i am up, everybody else should be up. Gabi comes and lets me out in the garden to have a wee and a poo and then i get my breakfast and after that we all go out for a little walk, so Mowgli can have a poo too :-). i dont poo in my bed anymore, but i did wee in the house, i was soo excited, that i forgot to do it outside... i will try to remember in future to wee and poo in the garden always.

anyway, i have to go to work now and have a rest from my vaccination i got yesterday

see you soon.wuff wuff

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